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Economic profile

Szczecin holds the position of the administrative and economic centre of the Westpomeranian Voivodeship, being also the capital of the Pomerania Euroregion and a hub of political, social and cultural cooperation for local authorities from Poland, Germany and the Scandinavian countries.Along with its exceptional location, Szczecin is characterised by extraordinary natural conditions, a large selection of investment-attractive locations, and the huge potential of well-trained and professionally-qualified staff. This all makes Szczecin both a resident-friendly place and a dynamically-growing metropolis.

Aea 301 km2
Population 405 657 tys
Population of the Szczecin Metropolitan Area 686 365
Population of Westpomeranian Voivodeship 1 710 000
Number of students 39 419
Unemployment rate 4,7%
Number of employed in enterprise sector 48 000
Average monthly wage – gross 4 623 zł
Number of business entities per 10,000 residents 1 676
Foreign capital In enterprises 1018,1 m PLN

Source: Statistical Office in Szczecin.


Szczecin is the wealthiest and the most industrialised sub-region of the Westpomeranian Voivodeship. Thanks to its economic and demographic situation Szczecin has a lot of potential in regard to attracting new investments.