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Visual Identification System

Visual Identification System

The city of Szczecin has got and implements a coherent Visual Identification System (VIS). At present, the system consists of four symbols playing particular role each, while the main logo remains the symbol of “Floating Garden” vision.



The symbol of “Floating Garden” vision


We are looking at Szczecin from above – this is our space, Szczecin is a place to live in and create. We are looking at Szczecin from the water side – Szczecin means sailing and adventure; our city is green – it has to be ecological and clean. There is a code in it – because Szczecin needs to be deciphered, Sczecin and its vision have to be noticed in the world. This vision drives us into the future. There is an aim – the floating garden. There is a time – the implementation of the vision cannot last forever. There is a project – a planning strategy. This is a symbol of the vision which Szczecin, the capital of Euroregion, can afford.


The logo of the ESK_2016 (European Capital of Culture) project

Szczecin is a candidate for the title of European Capital of Culture. The cultural life of Szczecin is created by characteristic personalities, individuals, and aficionados as well as the events that cross the border, both in terms of geographical borders and overcoming rigid patterns.

The City Hall logo

Szczecin needs to be modern in order to develop – this is the way we have to talk about and present ourselves.



Szczecin Coat of Arms
Szczecin Griffin, the official Coat of Arms of the city, has its source in history and is based on the city's heraldic traditions.



In order to make promotional materials as coherent as possible, VIS defines the major pattern of typography, which is based on the font of “Myriad Pro” family.
typografia znaku floating garden

The colouring of the brand

The colours of the logo and the entire system refer to water and greenery – ecology. Such colouring constitutes a significant factor which shapes the identity and the way in which the brand is perceived. The table below presents the ways of faithfully copying the colouring of the brand in different production techniques. Information concerning the use of VIS may be obtained in the Promotion and Information Office of Szczecin City Hall.

Tabela kolorów floating garden

Additional graphic elements

The system offers additional graphic elements which can be used in order preserve the coherent character of the designated projects. Skilful and consistent use of these elements allows the creation of an individual style for the city in all forms of visual communication.

Uzupełniające elementy graficzne dla znaku floating garden

The first implementation of VIS

Visual Identification System has been in force since its ceremonial premiere in April 2008, and from that moment the implementation of specific applications of this system began. In this way a whole range of office forms, advertisements, booklets, calendars, promotional gifts, banners and rollerbanners has been produced, and a promotional stand has been created. You can spot the first trams and buses in the colouring of the Floating Garden. Many elements of VIS are present while marking open-air and cultural events, organised and partly paid for by the City of Szczecin. Some of the implementations can be illustrated by the gallery below. If you have an idea for further implementation, please contact us.

Important! All the presented logotypes are registered trademarks and the use of them requires City Hall’s permission. If you are interested in obtaining this permission, please visit our website.

See the implementation gallery.