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Szczecin Floating Garden 2050


Green areas and water cover more than half Szczecin's territory. Places like this can hardly ever be found in today's Europe.

Water, greenery, and freedom – this is what Szczecin is. A modern city which surprises you with its diversity and interesting ideas on how to spend your free time. The Baltic Yachting Centre is one of few places where you can sail on a river, a lake, or a lagoon. Szczecin is one of the most important destinations on the Polish and European yachting map as well as the biggest state-of-the-art Baltic marina. A conglomeration of islands, canals, beaches, and bays. A unique Floating Garden – the city that modifies your views on what life is for.

Zieleń i woda  zajmują ponad połowę powierzchni Szczecina!

Szczecin is a visionary city which has realised that, in order to turn its incredible potential into reality, it has to completely change its scale of planning and action, as well as create and built itself anew. Looking at Szczecin from a bird’s eye view we have noticed its potential and opportunities. Szczecin is located north-east of the Odra (Oder) River – it is only a germ of what could be called the new green Venice of the North if we started adapting the numerous islands of Śródodrze (Middle Oder area), canals and large broads in the south and east. This is why we have pointed to Śródodrze as the new heart of Szczecin – a green Floating Garden. Szczecin is a modern city and is not afraid of daring architectural solutions. It is a city created to live in. It combines the dynamics and creativity of a metropolis with the space and peacefulness of a human and nature-friendly place. The city area layout – a vast number of parks and green spaces, the fresh air that the city offers – cannot be overrated, especially when encountering the feeling of security, tidiness, and innovative solutions.


Why does Szczecin need a Long-term Brand-management Strategy?
Szczecin has made a mature decision to develop and manage the city brand in a professional and long-lasting way.
The brand of Szczecin is not only a logo - it is a firm promise and a philosophy for action. The world is full of cities and each of them offers similar facilities. Cities compete and the winners are those who know how to present their uniqueness. What they win is (e.g.) the fact that city dwellers do not leave the place but want to stay here. The winning city is able to develop. A brand enables us to show our uniqueness which clearly translates into this development.


Analytical stage – the opening report
Stagnation and the need for substantial investments, as well as a lack of perceivable changes, have proved to be a barrier to Szczecin's development. The city's harbour and industrial image turned out to be an obstacle, whereas the vast green areas and water resources constitute its outstanding merit.
It has been shown that the communications by other cities are of a rather tactical character and do not involve considering the vision of development. Other cities focus on today and do not discuss their future image.

Raport otwarcia

The analysis has shown that Szczecin cannot build its brand on either recent history or the present. As a result we have decided to look into the future – to imagine what the city might look like if it took advantage of its geographical, geopolitical, and location merits. This concept of looking into the future has become the basis for the vision of the city's future and brand – The 2050 Floating Garden project. It all means that Szczecin may offer its dwellers the advantages of a metropolis and at the same time preserve the atmosphere of peacefulness. The city relies on ecology and yachting. Szczecin has to build its floating garden by 2050. The date and the term “project” emphasise the task-oriented approach of the city towards its own development, as if the governors and the city dwellers were to prepare for the Olympic Games or European Championships.


About the symbol of the vision of Szczecin Floating Garden 2050.

Floating Garden Project


Szczecin Floating Garden 2050 constitutes the symbol of the city's vision. It is a message to the world, which says that Szczecin is:

  • open
  • transborer
  • innovative
  • visionary
  • multicultural
  • multilingual

Szczecin's goal is to create a unique city – a Floating Garden – by 2050. It is simultaneously a symbol of the city's vision, the name of the project, a promotional logo, and the basis for the whole system of visual identification of the city. This combination escapes the traditionally-defined definition of a logo, which is already the point at which Szczecin wants to communicate its uniqueness.


About language

The Polish language remains the most important language for Szczecin. However, the symbol of the city's vision is supposed to present the concept of the city and its aspirations not only to Polish people but to the whole world. This is why it has taken such a form. The name of Szczecin is impossible to pronounce for foreigners. Other cities do not have such a problem. But is it really a problem? Paradoxically, it is also a kind of potential, a feature which may be used for promotional purposes of the city. The symbol of the Szczecin Floating Garden 2050 project has been inspired by the phonetic transcription of the city's name, using IPA (phonetic pronunciation) symbols. It draws attention to the fact that Szczecin is an open, multicultural city that wants to communicate with the representatives of many other languages. Szczecin's ambition is to be perceived as THE transfrontier city of the Baltic Sea basin. This is the reason for using the IPA transcription as a graphic element.


The merits
Openness – the city is open to outside people, and it allows and supports diversity,
Freedom – space for living, as well as for business and spiritual development, freedom is also a testimony to creativity and entrepreneurship.
Respect for Humanity and Nature – the harmony of mutual affiliation – the respect of this harmony is particularly significant in the green city which plans its intensive development.


Strategic foundations: the vision, the mission, and the aim.
The vision: The Floating Garden
The mission: to combine the dynamics and creativity of a metropolis with the space and peacefulness of humanity and nature – a friendly place. A modern metropolis does not have to be a burden.
The aim: the aim of Szczecin’s brand is to lift itself and the entire region in order to secure itself a stable central position in Pomerania.


The strategy implementation is divided into three periods:Learn about the vision 2008-200

- we talk about the concept, persuade, overcome the barriers,

See the vision 2010-2015

-we present the projects and show how the city is going to change,              

Touch the vision 2015+
- key investment projects are completed, the vision comes true, we present the evidence  


The strategy adopted by the city is being consistently implemented according to the plan. Szczecin has managed to develop a solution that arouses emotions and not a document which will soon just be put on a shelf.

Katamarany Szczecin

Today the city's major challenge is to explain the benefits of the new brand to its dwellers and to re-brand. The city has adopted a rule of presenting evidence every day that the vision is slowly becoming part of the dwellers' lives. New ecological standards have been introduced, transport facilities and bus stops are being replaced with new ones, and the brand elements are implanted into the new investments.