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Water Factory – the 1st stage of the competition

22 contractors were invited to submit their works as part of the 1st stage of the competition for an architectural concept of a Szczecin Aquapark – Water Factory. Among the invited entities there were 8 contractors from Szczecin, 13 from other locations in Poland and 1 from Spain. A studio led by the world-famous architect Fernando Menis will also participate in the competition. Menis gained recognition for such implementations as the Badeschiff, a floating swimming pool on the Spree in Berlin, and the Magma Art & Congress cultural centre. Poles may find his name familiar due to t

Łasztownia from a student’s point of view

In Szczecin, students from all over the world showed their visions of Łasztownia. These included spectacular concepts, ecology-focused solutions and even using the assets of underground Szczecin. This is the homestretch before the announcement of the great architectural and urban-planning competition scheduled for the final days of the year. The implementation of the project entitled “Łasztownia. The new heart of the city” is approaching its crucial stage. As part of the preparations for the international competition for an architectural and urban-planning design of the island,

July weekends in the Rose Garden of Art

Big beat and jazz, African and Balkan music, an army orchestra and a chamber music band. July weekends packed with great music at the Rose Garden of Art. The Rose Garden of Art is a series of summer art events for the residents of Szczecin and tourists held in Różanka, Szczecin’s most famous rose garden. It features concerts, open-air workshops and exhibitions, as well as art-themed events for children, interactive performances and creative workshops. It is also an outdoor reading space with good books and comfortable beach chairs.   PROGRAMME • 2 JULY, Saturday,

International success by a Polish canoer

Norbert Kuczyński, a member of the KS Wiskord Szczecin sports club, accompanied by Martin Brzeziński, Bartosz Stabno and Rafał Rosolski, won bronze in canoeing at the 1000m K4 Olypmics in the World Cup competitions. The competitions were held last weekend in Montemor, Portugal.