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Sailing Center

The Sailing Center is an unusual marina - a training base for children (from the age of 7!), Youth and adults. Since its inception in 2008, cruises and sailing camps have been organized here, next generations of sailors in Szczecin have been brought up. There are nearly 50 different types of units available to juveniles and tourists: small training yachts, windsurfing boards, over 30 kayaks and sea yachts. In addition, there are parking spaces in the modern marina, which is available to sailors throughout the season. The Sailing Center is located in a picturesque place by Lake Dąbie, the l

Marina Pogoń

This harbor is located in Lake Dąbie, near the river Regalica and 6 kilometers away from the center of Szczecin. Marina Pogoń covers an area of 72000 m2 and can accomodate up to 300 yachts with a lenght up to 18 m and a maximum allowable depth of 3,4 m. In the harbor area is a petrol station and a small sailing shop. You can also visit the tavern.

Polish Yacht Club

The Polish Yacht Club in Szczecin is a member of the Polish Yacht Clubs Association, covering its entire area of Poland, Europe and the world. The union continues the traditions of the Yacht Club of Poland, established in Warsaw in 1924 on the basis of the Decree of the President of the Republic of Poland. Bandera, pennant, emblem of the Yacht Club of Poland in Szczecin were registered and announced in Lloyd's Register of Yachts and the Polish Sailing Association.

Yacht Club AZS

Yacht Club AZS is situated in the south part of Dąbie Lake. There is a restaurant “Tawerna” in the club building. You can also find a sail maker and boat workshop there.