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Conference of the German-Polish Wind Energy Club in Berlin

On 06.11.2014 the Acting Director of the Investor and Business Assistance Department participated in the Conference organized by the German-Polish Wind Energy Club in Berlin. The theme of the conference included such issues as the current development of the law on renewable energy sources with regard to EU regulations and development of market of electrical energy in Poland until 2035, auctions a perspective model in EEC 2017? Is the Polish model an alternative for Germany?, auction system – examples from practice, how to carry out projects successfully in the auction system.  The G

Decline in Unemployment Rate in Szczecin

According to the Central Statistical Office, the unemployment fell in Szczecin to the 2010 rate in August of the current year. This single number result, which has not been recorded for almost 4 years, is a result of the inflow of new investors to the City. On the former shipyard areas, new work places are created; in the city, logistics centres are created and developed. Also, some new projects of the BPO branch have appeared in the last few months what makes Szczecin become one of the most popular locations for shared services centres. The City is characterized by great potential of o

The 'Acting Local, Winning Global 2014: The World is not Flat' conference

On 15 May 2014, representatives of the Department of Investors and Business Service took part in an annual event under the name 'Acting Local, Winning Global 2014 .The World is not Flat'. This is the fourth conference organized by ASPIRE, which is a Polish association of IT & business process services providers, seated in Krakow. The conference 'The World is not Flat. Why place matters and what it means for us' is to answer the question why some cities stand out from the crowd and what they need to do to keep attracting talented people and business investors. The leaders of the modern ser


Even the oldest inhabitants of Szczecin do not remember a visit of such important guests to our city. On 14 May 2014 Szczecin will host the heir to the throne of the Kingdom of Denmark, His Royal Highness Frederik and his wife, Her Royal Highness Mary Elizabeth. The Crown Prince Couple will spend one day in Szczecin. It will be the first visit of Danish Prince Couple to Poland. A visit to Szczecin will start from ceremonial breakfast in the Municipal Office, held at the special invitation of Piotr Krzystek, the Mayor of Szczecin. This meeting will be attended by representatives of the Chancel