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Głębokie Lake

The reservoir is located in the area of Puszcza Wkrzańska forest. There is a popular trail for cyclists and strollers around the lake which is about 6 km long. Special places for bonfires and grilling are also designated along the path. On the southern shore there is a lido. You can visit a restaurant or a rope park at the same area. The safety of swimmers is ensured by qualified lifeguards.  

Szmaragdowe Lake

It is known as the most beautiful recess of Szczecin surroundings. It owes its name to the tint of the water which a result of calcium carbonate and the reflexion of light in the cretaceous bottom of the lake. There is an observation deck nearby where the panorama of the Lower Odra River and Szczecin city can be admired. On the southern shore there is a crumbling fire station with the underground systems of corridors built by the Germans. There is also a viewpoint called “ Polana Widok”, a restaurant “ Grota” and numerous alleys for strollers .

Słoneczne Lake

It is a small lake in Derdowskiego street in Gumieńce district. In the 50ties there was a city beach. Recently, the area around the lake has been developed, the observation deck has been built, lanes, bicycle paths and a playground have been renovated. Moreover, there is an alcove on the Island of Love, which can be reached by the bridge.

Dąbie Lake

Dąbie Lake is one of the biggest Polish lakes. Although it offers a lot of tourist attractions, the potential recreational areas still require the land use. The lake comprises of two parts: Big Dąbie Lake and so-called gulf. In the southern part of the lake there are yacht and sailing clubs with hundreds of private and club yachts ready to charter. The shipowners have the possibility to slip their yachts and to refuel them at special stations.