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Jasne Błonia

Jasna Błonia Square Jana Pawła II is a wide green house located by the Szczecin Municipal Office. It's a great place to rest: you can walk, ride a bike or sit comfortably on a bench or on the lawn. The park was built in the years 1925-27, it was designed with rows of maple plane trees on the sides of a wide lawn with ground-based flower arrangements in the middle. It is the largest concentration of this species of trees in Poland, of which over 200 are growing here. Computational continuity is ensured by an alley stretching towards Kasprowicz Park and further to the Arkonian Forest.

Dialogue Centre “Upheavals”

It's one of branches of the National Museum in Szczecin, where we present the newest history of Szczecin and West Pomerania region, with particular attention given to social protests and breaking events in the years 1970–1971, 1980–1981, 1988–1989, that lead Poland to regain independence in 1989. The building that houses our museum is partially hidden under the Solidarity Plaza, adjacent to the Concert Hall. The exhibition is interactive, apart from subject-related pieces, in its underground rooms you may see films, pictures and recordings of the events’ witnesses and p

Szczecin Philharmonic

Have you ever seen an iceberg in the city center? If not, you must see the new premises of Szczecin Philharmonic which majestically emerges from urban buildings and pervasive greenery. Its metal and glass facade supplemented with light illuminations catch the eye of each person who comes nearby. The building was designed by catalonian architects from Barozzi Veiga from Barcelona and immediately has become the icon of our city. Modern design combined with inspiration taken from historic building of Konzerthaus creates a coherent whole of past, present and future of Szczecin. It has received num

TRAFO Trafostacja Sztuki

Trafostacja Sztuki in Szczecin is the first center for contemporary art in the northwest of Poland. Founded in 2013, TRAFO takes advantage of its geographical potential – the cross-border location within the Baltic Sea region and the immediate vicinity of Berlin, the cultural capital of this part of Europe. It acts as a unique “display window” through which Szczecin confronts its artistic image with the world. TRAFO CENTER FOR CONTEMPORARY ART IN SZCZECIN 4 Świętego Ducha St. 70-205 Szczecin, Poland CONTACT T. +48 91 400