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Decline in Unemployment Rate in Szczecin

According to the Central Statistical Office, the unemployment fell in Szczecin to the 2010 rate in August of the current year. This single number result, which has not been recorded for almost 4 years, is a result of the inflow of new investors to the City. On the former shipyard areas, new work places are created; in the city, logistics centres are created and developed. Also, some new projects of the BPO branch have appeared in the last few months what makes Szczecin become one of the most popular locations for shared services centres.
The City is characterized by great potential of office market suited for BPO/SSC requirements. This, in turn, guarantees comfortable conditions for running a business.
The decline in the unemployment rate is also a result of development of companies that have been present in Szczecin’s market for some time, because many of them have been increasing employment recently.