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Conference of the German-Polish Wind Energy Club in Berlin

On 06.11.2014 the Acting Director of the Investor and Business Assistance Department participated in the Conference organized by the German-Polish Wind Energy Club in Berlin. The theme of the conference included such issues as the current development of the law on renewable energy sources with regard to EU regulations and development of market of electrical energy in Poland until 2035, auctions a perspective model in EEC 2017? Is the Polish model an alternative for Germany?, auction system – examples from practice, how to carry out projects successfully in the auction system.  The German-Polish Wind Energy Club is a society whose purpose is development of wind energy in these two neighbouring countries. It intends to develop and popularize cooperation between Poland and Germany as well as to share experiences and build relations and contacts. Perspective solutions and  the amount of support for wind energy in Poland and Germany are key objectives of Club’s activity. Polish and German members of the German-Polish Wind Energy Club, among whom there are subjects dealing with developing projects, investors, producers, building companies, experts, and suppliers – having experience in the form of built wind parks with total power of over 30,000 MW in Germany and almost of 3,000 MW in Poland, change their knowledge with each other. Due to workshops, club soirées and conferences as well as other opportunities organized by the Club, Polish and German specialists with proper know-how can meet with each other. Also, suppliers of technologies from both of these countries show themselves here.