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Szczecin residents have fallen in love with the triathlon

More than 620 triathlonists have competed in the third edition of the Szczecin Triathlon. All distances were dominated by the residents of the capital of the Westpomeranian Region, cheered along the whole route by the largest number of supporters to ever attend the competition. This competition shows that Szczecin is aspiring to become a triathlon city.

During the competition, held on Sunday, 3 July, the passionate triathletes competed in three distances – sprint, the popular 'quarter', and half-distance. The organisers were positively surprised by the turnout for the 3rd edition of the Szczecin Triathlon.

Apart from the sports excitement, the Szczecin Triathlon gave the sportsmen the opportunity to experience the city. The finishing line and the triathlon town situated at the foot of Chrobry Embankment, a fast cycling route and running through the streets of the old town, brought along not only the applause of the city's residents, but also the opportunity to get to know this picturesque city. Triathlon tourism is a phenomenon of which Szczecin is a perfect example. Thanks to this, the event held in the capital of the Westpomeranian Region will continue to grow.


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