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Pyromagic 2016 – fireworks, music, firefighters, sailors and athletes

Spectacular projections on the sky, sophisticated sounds, brave firemen, fearless sailors and valiant female football players. That is what awaits you during two days in August in Szczecin. It's going to rock!

Once again the sky above Szczecin will burst into thousands of colours. On 12 and 13 August, on Chrobry Embankment, just after sunset, an extraordinary firework show will begin. The proper atmosphere will be assured by four specialist companies famous all around the world for their breath-taking pyrotechnic displays. Since 2008, by Chrobry Embankment in Szczecin, more than 20 pyrotechnic companies from all around the world have shown their capabilities. This year Szczecin will host companies from Vietnam, Switzerland and Sweden. SUREX Firma Rodzinna Ryszard Suzdalewicz will act as host.

Pyromagic – beautiful images on the sky

Team Da Nang – Viet Nam
Established in August 2008, the Da Nang team is the first representative of Vietnam at international fireworks competition
SUGYP-IMPORT G.PORCHET, formed in 1967, has started its pyrotechnic activity as early as in 1971. Over the years the company has become the leader in its industry in Switzerland. Each year, SYGUP produces more than 150 displays on the 1st of August, the Swiss national holiday.
• Göteborgs Fyrverkeri Fabrik, GFF
Göteborgs Fyrverkeri Fabrik, GFF is the largest company displaying fireworks shows in Scandinavia.

Szczecin Music Live, which means very good sounds

• This year's edition will continue to maintain its musical direction, well received by the Szczecin audience, which is a blend of folk and dance music, enriched with electronic sounds. During the two festival days we will see and hear the leading Polish and foreign representatives of the genre performing live. This year's line-up features Duże Pe, the Warsaw Afrobeat Orchestra, United Flavour, and Diego Cichy Don & Bro Bro Sound.

The Firefighter Combat Challenge – brave firefighters

• Chrobry Embankment will once again be the site of a competition between firefighters from the United States, Europe, and, obviously, Poland. The Firefighter Combat Challenge is a contest between the 'toughest' firemen that is becoming more and more popular.

The Polonez Cup – fearless sailors

• The Polonez Cup Race 2016 is a prestigious high-seas sailing event held in the Baltic region. The event brings together the best single-handed sailors and double-handed crews from Poland and abroad. Since 2015, the competition has accompanied the Pyromagic International Fireworks Festival. The 2016 edition will start on 13 August between 13:00 and 15:30, with two short-distance races on the Odra in Szczecin. The main prize is the historical 'Polonez Cup', named in commemoration of Capt. Krzysztof Baranowski's completion of a cruise around the world on a yacht named 'Polonez'. In 2016, the winners in each category will be awarded the title of the Champion of Poland.

• The Baltic Single & Double Handed Polonez Cup Race 2016, which is the 1st Polish High Seas Sailing Championship of Single & Double-Handed Crews organised by the Foundation, in cooperation with the Maritime Yachting Commission PYA.
• Starting lists, schedule and more details available on, This year's edition will be held between 11 and 16 August 2016.

• The Baltica Summer Cup – valiant female handballer

• The fifth international women's handball friendly tournament – the Baltica Summer Cup – will be held on 13 and 14 August 2016. Two leading PGNiG Superliga teams and teams from Belarus and Germany will participate in the tournament. All matches will be played at the hall on ul. Twardowskiego in Szczecin.
• The participants in the tournament:
• BNTU-BelAZ Minsk,
• VfL Oldenburg,
• MKS Zagłębie Lubin,
• Pogoń Baltica Szczecin

• The Szczecin Water Show – spectacular stunts

The Water Show is a combination of the most-spectacular water sports disciplines and numerous acrobatic shows. Stunning spectacularity, extraordinary stunts, in one word – the first of its kind event in Szczecin. The programme includes:

• High Diving – acrobatic diving from a height of 27 metres. This new discipline is seen as an extreme sport.
• Flyboard – a new extreme-sport discipline that has conquered the world in no time! The flyboard is a device originally designed for swimming with dolphins, yet the lovers of extreme thrills have found some broader use for it…
• Personal watercraft stunt show.
• Wakeboard and waterski stunt show.