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Pyromagic 2016 is over

The 9th International Firework Festival Pyromagic 2016 has come to an end. The winner in the competition of light images in Szczecin’s sky was the Sugyp company from Switzerland. Approximately 140 thousand people admired the fireworks display during the two days of the festival.

The representatives of Sweden (the Goteborg Fireworks Factory) won the Audience Award, chosen by way of SMS voting. In turn, the jury recognised the Sugyp company from Switzerland. In the view of the jury, the winners were distinguished by synchronising the show with music and by the spectacular play on colours. The team from Sweden came second. The Danang Team from Vietnam came third. After the announcement of the results on Saturday, an additional show was put on by the festival's host – the SUREX Family Company Ryszard Suzdalewicz. Each of the displays was greeted with applause from the spectators gathered on the Chrobry Embankments.

Over five thousand charges were shot in the air during the two days of the event. The total pyrotechnic mass of all the shows exceeded 3 tonnes.
There were a number of accompanying events - the Water Show, the Baltica Summer Cup, the Firefighter Combat Challenge, Szczecin Music Live and the Baltic Polonez Cup Race. This way, we hope that everyone was able to find something for them. There were games for children, competitions with prizes, spectacular water acrobatic shows, sports challenges and excellent electronic music sounds. All the attractions encouraged approximately 170 thousand people to visit the festival area during the two days of the event. There were around 140 thousand spectators present in the culminating moments, during the fireworks displays on Friday and Saturday.